Easy Ways on How to Become A Healthier Nurse

Working in a medical facility, a registered nurse is a role model of good health and lifestyle. While most people think that working in a hospital instantly makes one healthy, it is actually far from the truth. Working in a hospital is a physically tiring and draining job.  That’s why, every nurse should make an extra effort to keep themselves healthy.

 Eat Breakfast

Never skip breakfast. Breakfast gives you energy and gets you pumped up at work.  Studies also show that those who skip breakfast tend to overeat during lunch or dinner, causing them to gain unwanted pounds.

Have a Regular Eating Schedule

This may sound difficult, as there are times when you need to work on night shifts but it is essential that your body get a regular eating schedule. Having a regular eating and sleeping pattern allows your body’s internal clock to help you awaken naturally without having to curse the alarm clock.

Choose healthier snacks.

It is very common to be craving for snacks in the middle of a shift.  And when it comes to snacks, most nurses go for sweets. While this can definitely give you some energy, it may not last long. Instead of eating sugar-rich food, try eating nuts or a slice of apple. The latter are healthier and can give you longer-lasting energy.

More than being a social responsibility, being healthy is about improving your own life and your career as a registered nurse.


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